Wife And Two Friends Abuse Man’s Ass For Cheating On Her

Dave is receiving a blowjob from Courtney when his wife and friend suddenly come home. They go mad, as does Courtney, who wasn’t aware he had a wife! The ladies decide to team up to teach him a lesson and they shove him over the settee with his ass in the air and begin hitting him really hard. They are obviously enjoying this and decide to fetch some sex toys and really show him who’s boss. They forget about his screams as they take turns to fuck him up the ass like a common slut. After pounding him from behind, they spit-roast him with their sex toys and Lexi even gives him a blowjob while the other two girls are harshly pounding their new bitch. As Sophie starts shoving her plastic dick up his ass, the other girls jerk his penis and he soon jizzes over himself making them laugh at the pussy boy.

Girls can be harsh and nasty when they get their chance to screw a guy. Watch what you wish for because if these ladies get their hands on your dick and ass, it’s for their enjoyment not yours! If you love watching groups of stunning girls abusing and fucking men then click here to see more scenes like this from Girls Abuse Guys.

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